What is Gingival Pigmentation?

It is one of the most common dental problems that people face all around the world. Gingival means ‘gums’ while pigmentation means ‘change in color’. Therefore, gingival pigmentation is the change of color of the gums that hold your teeth. Gums or Gingival are essential for healthy teeth. They are similar to the base of any building. If your gums are healthy, then, your teeth are healthy too, but, if your gums are facing pigmentation then, your teeth are in danger. In general, the color of the gums or Gingival is pink. However, the color of the gums turn to purple or near to black; it is known as pigmentation. This pigmentation is a situation that should raise the alarm in your mind. Most of the cases of cavity start with the pigmentation of the gums. Hence, you didn’t immediately contact a dentist then; you might begin to facing severe pain after a few days.

Gingival pigmentation can happen due to many reasons. A few of them are smoking, an increase in the amount of melanin, high intake of sugar and lack of oral care. There are undoubtedly many different causes of gum pigmentation; it varies from country to country and depends on oral habits. We recommend you to contact an experienced dentist as soon as possible and get your pigmentation treated before it gets serious. However, there are a few ways that can provide you with temporary relief. Some of them are, use mouthwash daily, reduce sugar intake and start massaging your gums. We, located in Jaipur, help you overcome gingival pigmentation by a systematic process. We make sure to give proper time to your gums for rebuilding; this makes them strong and healthy.