Tooth Extraction in Jaipur

Tooth extraction is the process of completely extracting a tooth from your mouth. It is performed in very severe conditions when the tooth is creating pain or not able to chew. Tooth extraction requires many reasons, such as tooth decay and crowded teeth. A dental surgeon or dentist will perform the tooth extraction at his clinic and will advise some precautionary measures to be taken until it is healed properly.

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Reasons for Tooth Extraction

As you know, the permanent teeth have the ability to last a lifetime. However, there are many reasons when we require removing our permanent teeth that are causing us trouble. As dentists make sure to provide a complete treatment before removing, as they do not consider the tooth extraction in the ultimate conditions. The distorted tooth can cause further damage to other teeth and surrounding gum line. The reasons to extract distorted tooth are:

Crowded Teeth

To remove the crowded teeth and align them in a proper way, dentists extract the tooth from the mouth. Later orthodontia is performed to align the teeth properly.


Sometimes tooth decay and damage can reach the pulp and bacteria that can cause infection. This is fixed by the root canal therapy but if the infection is in the worst condition, dentists extract the infected teeth to restrict the infection.

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