Teeth Scaling Treatment

Teeth scaling is the process of removing all the plaque and tartar from the teeth. It is the deep cleaning that is performed below and above the gum, a line to ensure that teeth are properly cleaned toward the bottom of the gumline. Teeth scaling treatment is a very common practice nowadays. Both the processes, such as root planting and teeth scaling are known as deep cleaning.

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Why It is Important?

The bacteria originate from most of the diseases of the gums and plaque on the upper layer of your teeth. If you do not allow your doctor to apply the procedure of dental scaling on your teeth, plaque on your teeth will cause inflammation to your gums. Your gums will start to pull away from the teeth and create spaces that are called pockets. The plaque will also start to grow in these pockets, which you will not able to get rid of through simple brushing. If you do not treat the plaque, you can lose your tooth and gums. Most of the time, your dentist recommends you go for dental scaling and root planting to avoid the occurrence of future problems.

To remove the plaque from gums and teeth, you need deep cleaning. It is only through the process of dental scaling and root planting, you can get rid of plaque and tartar in severe conditions.

If you have problems, such as plaque and tartar, you can book an appointment with Cezanne Dental Care, where best dentists in Jaipur will perform the dental scaling to remove the plaque and tartar.