Protect Your Teeth with Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment is used to save and repair the teeth that are badly infected or decayed. During this procedure, the pulp and nerve are removed and cleaning is done from inside of the tooth and sealed after the whole process.

The infectious teeth without the root canal treatment, the surrounding tissues and teeth will also get infected abscesses can form.

The term “root canal” in dental terminology is used to describe the center of the tooth called a natural cavity. In the root canal, the soft area is called the pulp chamber. The root canal holds the nerves of the tooth.

When the nerve tissues and pulp are damaged in the tooth, the bacteria start to increase in it and bacteria cause the infection or form abscesses. In the worst situations, you can feel the swelling that can extend to face, head or neck, bone loss, and drainage problems. Root canal procedures are considered painful. The filling procedure is the most painful part of the root canal.

Are root canal treatments successful?

The treatments of the root canal are very successful as they have more than 95 percent of chances of recovery. Fixed teeth are long-lasting and many of them can last a lifetime.

The root canal can be damaged due to deep decay, large fillings, repeated dental treatments on the tooth, injury to the face and crack in a tooth.

Cost of the treatment

The cost of the root canal treatment depends on the condition of the problem and the teeth affected.

After the completion of treatment, you will feel a high sensation in your tooth due to tissue inflammation for the first few days. You can use medications to control sensitivity or pain. Most of the patients return to their normal condition after a few days.