Ortho Treatment Services in Jaipur

Ortho or orthodontic treatment is the treatment of malocclusion. Malocclusion is the condition in which the teeth are not at the right position on the closing of the mouth. Orthodontists are the doctors who have specialization to cure the malocclusion. The aim of the ortho treatment is to improve the oral functionality of the teeth. To correct the alignment of the teeth, an orthodontist can work to achieve the following goals:

  • aligning the ends of the teeth
  • eliminating the gaps between the teeth
  • straightening the bent teeth
  • improving the speaking ability
  • improper bite treatment
  • improving the chewing ability
  • increasing the health of gums and teeth

To accomplish the goals, the orthodontist has many options for medical dental devices such as braces, plates, and headgear. You can make an appointment with the best orthodontist in Jaipur through Cezanne Dental Clinic to fix the Malocclusion.

Orthodontic devices

An orthodontist will apply a wide range of dental devices. These devices can be removable or fixed.

Fixed devices:

Fixed devices are more commonly used by the orthodontics. They are utilized when correctness is important. With fixed devices, you can eat normally but it is required to avoid some items such as carbonated water, gum, and hard candy. A different device is used for different goals.

Braces consist of wires, bands, and brackets. Bands work like anchors on teeth and brackets are connected to the teeth’ front.

Fixed-space maintainers are used to maintaining the space between the new teeth in children.

Removable devices:

These devices are used to fix the minor problems of teeth. These appliances can be removed while eating, flossing or cleaning.

Aligners are the alternative of braces. They are removable and used for 2 to 3 weeks.

Head gear is used to slow the growth of the upper jaw. It is attached with the head through a wire.