Laser Treatment for Teeth

Laser dental procedures are carried out by involving lasers to overcome the number of dental conditions. Laser treatment for teeth was introduced in the year 1989 in dental clinics. Lasers are light beams used to remove or alter the very small amount of tissues. Dentists use this aforesaid technology of laser in different procedures including whitening teeth, removing overgrown tissues and reshaping the gums.

Laser treatment can treat the following issues-

  • treatment of cold sore and canker sore
  • root canal infection
  • gum diseases
  • gum inflammation
  • reshaping of gums
  • biopsies
  • teeth whitening
  • to cure the sleep apnea by removing throat tissue
  • to regenerate the damaged nerves
  • to remove the tumor of mouth

Laser treatment is an alternative to dental surgery. Laser treatments are cost-effective, more efficient and comfortable. Also, laser dentistry is good for people and children who are afraid of surgeries or operations. This technique being a painless one is preferred over other by all.

Benefits of laser treatment for teeth

Most dentists recommend laser dentistry due to its distinct benefits. The procedure is very smooth and comfortable.

  • patients do not require sutures
  • limited use of anesthesia
  • it sterilizes the gums, reducing the chances of infection
  • less harm to gums
  • require less time for healing
  • Less blood loss than surgery

Before starting laser treatment, you will receive anesthesia. During the whole procedure, you will not feel any discomfort or vibrations. Any bleeding that occurs while the treatment will be washed out. After the laser treatment, you cannot expect excessive bleeding because the laser dentistry causes less bleeding than a blade.

In laser treatment, two types of laser are used. Those are hard tissue laser and soft tissue laser. The prices of dental treatments vary due to some factors such as equipment used. However, they are sometimes very expensive as compared to traditional surgeries.